How big are the groups?

Usually our maximum number of guests is limited to 20 persons (children and adults).

What are your tents like?

We have new, waterproof tents fitting 2-4 persons.

What is your food like?

We prepare all our food from fresh organic ingredients. Our specialty is meals prepared on the barbecue. However, we always also cater for vegetarians.

How do we travel?

We use comfortable ground transportation. Toyota 4x4 vehicles, Toyota High- roof minibuses or Toyota Coaster buses. in good condition.

Are the Camping Weekends Safe?

We choose safe and familiar areas for our trips and we will always have a 24 hour security guard to watch the campsite.

What about the temperatures?

Lake Langano usually has a moderate climate with day time temperatures above 25 degrees. In Menagesha Forest it can become rather chilly at night. It may rain at both places depending on the season. We will have a close look at the weather before departure but recommend to always bring a jumper.

How can I  pay for my trip?

You can either transfer the money to our bank account or pay in cash at our office or we can send a staff members to meet with you.

Is medical insurance required?

Please note that you will have to pay for any medical expenses caused by potential accidents. We therefore recommend that you have a medical insurance.

What if I would like more information?

If you have any further questions about  your planned trip, please contact our office for additional information. You should receive an answer within 1 business day.